About Pia Imas

Art is healing, I believe, the process
as well as the final sculpture.

The healing power of Art is a belief that goes back to ancient times, when there wasn't a concept of creating art per se, 
but instead creating artifacts to worship, to ensure fertility
and protection. 

In my work I am guided by the wood and the stone, by dreams from my youth and the images I find on small pebbles. 
They all help me bring the figures out into the light. The sculpture is connected to the mythology of the Sirens, and the entire
Pre-Columbian world, including my beloved, Rapa Nui, native name Easter Island; they are all part of my life. 

Wood and stone are my main elements of expression, I am humbled by their beauty and wisdom, and their open marks and symbols are powerful enough to pry out my deepest s secrets. The amazing experience of direct carving creates a dialogue that wouldn't happen otherwise. 

My heart is Mayan, the tree is at the center of their whole creation plans, everything came from the Tree of Life, the Ceiba, the tree is sacred, it sustains us all, we are their relatives, so are the stones, they have many thing to teach us all. 

I am old enough to say it: I adore the wood and the stone, all of them from the tiniest pebble to the biggest boulder of Chaco Canyon, the humble pine to the mighty redwoods. I am just an instrument like the chisel in my hands, I give thanks.